Domus Carmelitana de San Jose

The name "Domus Carmelitana" came from the religious guest house of the Carmelite Order in Rome whose full name is Domus Carmelitana S. Alberto Patriarca Di Gerusalemme which is near Castel Sant' Angelo and the Basilica San Pietro. The establishment of this guest house in Rome during the Jubilee Year, signifies the ancient pilgrimages in the Holy Land where pilgrims visit and lodge at Mount Carmel when they are in the Holy Land. With this new house, the Carmelites wish to give their own sign of welcome to the pilgrims coming to Rome, thus creating an ideal bride between Rome and Jerusalem, between East and West.

In this regard, the Lay Carmelites of the Philippines, following the idea of the original Domus Carmelitana in Rome, has decided to create the first Carmelite Tertiary House in the Philippines to support the growing needs of the TOCs and to spread the spirituality of Carmel among the laity. The tertiary house is to be named Domus Carmelitana de San Jose with the Oratory of St. Elijah. Funding for the said project was initially established through the Zarephath Fund for future use. However, due to unforseen events unfolding wherein a lot area of 2,412 square meters was partially donated and partially sold, a separate funding was established by the TOC National Council through the Ways and Means Committee to oversee this project. The whole lot was sold at a very low price of PhP 1.0 M (USD$23,000.00).

If you wished to support us/donate in this cause, kindly contact the National Secretariat for the details.

Please pray through the intercession of St. Philomena and St. Joseph that the funding of this project be realized!