Thursday, August 25, 2005

Prayer for Discernment

As an addition to the article "Are we truly doing God's will or are we following our own will?", I would like to share this prayer that I obtained from the Mater Carmeli Monastery:

You have led me to desire your will
And often Your will is beyond me
But you O God are my friend
And I know that You are with me always.

In your Presence calm my fear
Grant me the desire to be still in Your presence,
to gaze on You and to feel your gaze.
Grant me the grace to see You in Your creation
And to recognize in humanity
the image and likeness of Your Son.

Grant me ears that are sensitive to Your Word.
May I respond with Love to You and your Call.
Grant me the desire to reach out and
embrace all people with love,
to be your hands in the world.

Grant me the courage to echo in my life
the "Yes" of Mary and the passionate fidelity
of Elijah your prophet.

May I seek your will in all things.
May I live my faith in You
And be a sign of hope for the world.
Grant this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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