Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Nov 4-6, 2005

In the
of the

By Pilgrim525

In the stillness of the night
I lay awake
Longing for that gentle voice to resound in my heart.

In the stillness of the night
My ears all pricked up
Eagerly awaiting words of wisdom and of light.

In the stillness of the night
My heart soundlessly attentive
For your love’s inner promptings of delight.

In the stillness of the night
Embraced by this darkness
My spirit in desolation thirsting for You, my God.

In the stillness of the night
I let go of my being
My soul crying out “Take hold of my life”.

In the stillness of the night
I find rest at last
My life firmly grafted in the branch of Your Love.

The Call to the Mountain
By Vir Miguel, TOCarm

You called me, Lord, to Your Mountain
With joy and peace I’ve come.
It’s very cold up here
Embrace me and keep me warm.

It’s late in the night and dark everywhere
Light up my soul with Your flame
It’s silent all around me,
So silent Your whisper comes as a song.

Thank you for the warmth
Thank you for the light
Thank you for Your song
Thank you for Your mountain and Your call.
Allow me to dwell on Your mountain, Lord.

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