Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Canonical Visit to Province of St. Albert of Trapani (New Escalante City)

After visiting the communities in Dumaguete and Sibulan, the National officers made the afternoon trip to visit the Escalante community which is also under the Province of St. Albert of Trapani. They arrived late evening in Escalante City and made their way to home of Sis. Adelinda Tancinco.

The next day, June 27, the visit to the Escalante TOC community was held at the Mount Carmel Monastery grounds. The prioress, Sis. Adelinda V. Tancinco, made the following report.

TOC Significant Activities from 2008 to 2010:

  • 20 active members are final professed

  • 3 novices

  • 2 postulants

  • 1 aspirant
26 - TOC members

Regular meetings were being conducted twice a month. They have advent and Lenten reflection and recollection facilitated by their Spiritual Assistant and other Friars.

During the meetings, they get input by Fr. Paul Medina pertaining to the Gospel of the day and some were taken from the manuals. Some topics they have taken are:

1. Restoring the network of Human Relation
2. Rebuilding the community of the Image of God.
3. Religious Carmelite Spirituality.
4. Follow the footsteps of Christ.

Some of this were given by their parish priest, Fr. Jerry Sabado.

They have vespers every Thursday at 6 p.m. together with the Friars and Associates. They are sponsoring mass every first Thursday of the month. Every 3rd Thursday of the month, they have fellowship dinner at the TOC Center together with the Friars and the whole community and members.

Apostolic Work:

1. Visiting prisoners and celebrating mass with them in jail together with the priest.
2. Visiting sick persons and offering prayers for them.
3. Giving pre-Jordan seminar.
4. Some TOC are teaching religion in Public Schools.
5. Participating Parochial Activities and other activities which involves in the Parish.
6. Caring of Liturgical materials and fixing the altar headed by their Prioress, Sis. Linda Tancinco.
7. Pledges of YCPF-member of JPIC-PCPR
8. Some TOC are members of the Lectors Commentators Ministry.

Report of Sis. Regina L. Juvahib, Secretary of TOC Escalante

- 21 active members all Solemn Professed
- We had our election of officers last Nov. 30, 2007 after our Advent Recollection headed by our Spiritual Assistant Rev. Fr. Cerenio “Toto” Jaranilla, O.Carm.

The newly elected officers are:
Prioress: Sis. Adelinda V. Tancinco
Formation Directress: Emerenciana R. Llavore
Secretary: Regina L. Juvahib
Treasurer: Gilda Pintolo
Councilors: Febe C. Tan and Manuela C. Linogon

- Regular Meetings were being conducted twice a month, 2nd Sunday, Business meeting and 3rd Sunday, Formation.
- TOC Escalante usually had the Advent and Lenten Recollection facilitated by our Spiritual Assistant and some other Priests in the Parish. There were lots of inputs given to us by Fr. Toto Jaranilla and the Carmelite Friars.
These are some of the inputs given:

- Carmelite Rule chapter 1 to 20
- What is a Carmelite
- Bible History
- Mystical open space of Carmel
- Carmelite way of Life
- Contemplative Brotherhood and Sisterhood Living in the midst of the People.
- Renewal of our commitment last November 30, 2007
- Study the R.D.S. Modules

They were able to build a TOC Spirituality Center inside the compound of Mount Carmel Parish.

Mount Carmel Monastery in Escalante City

The National Council together with the local officers of the Escalante TOC community

Opening Remarks during the visit

The Escalante community together with the National Officers

Fr. Jerry Sabado, OCarm blessing the lunch prepared by the TOCs

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