Monday, July 12, 2010

Opening of the 2010 Marian Exhibit and Relic Exposition / Veneration

In cooperation with the Camareras de Barasoain, the TOC Province m ade a public exposition of the relics of Carmelite Saints and Blesseds on July 11 and 16 at the Diocesan Museum located at the Barasoain Church, City of Malolos. This was done during the Marian exhibit where the processional image of the patron of the parish was exhibited. The image is 100 years old. The Marian exhibit lasted from July 11 - 16, 2010.

The 100 years old processional image of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with the images of Carmelite saints and blesseds together with their relics

Opening of the Marian exhibit and Relic exposition

Blessing of the Marian images by the parish priest, Msgr. Angel Santiago

Relic Veneration

Relics of Carmelite Saints and Blesseds

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