Saturday, January 20, 2007

From the Provincial Delegate

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Carmel,


Let there be peace within our hearts. Let the love of God move us to be always grateful to the different events affecting our lives. God sends us a message. Let the peace and love in our hearts enable us to live in silence though it is very noisy around us. Our silence enable us to recognize the message of God. Our silence does not judge who is right or wrong, but helps us to appreciate everybody's role in our journey in the land of Carmel. This silence allows us to meditate that Jesus lived in the midst of those considered impure (Luke 3:37). Though we have limitations and sins, Jesus love us so much.

God loved us first. He has commissioned us to work for His kingdom. As we allow ourselve to be sent, we are being purified. We have many reasons not to respond to God's invitation. I could mention many reasons not to be in the TOC. Primary reason is - I have many tasks and I know that there are many challenges affecting the community. I don't know why I said "yes" when I was asked by our provincial. When I said "yes", I humbly said that I'll try to do my little ways. My pure intention to help or journey with you was not easy. I felt uncomfortable in the type of relationship existing in the community. I missed the strong sense of love and compassion in Carmel. I missed the authentic sharing of who we are. This experience moved me to pray and reflect more why I said "yes."

Whatever the situation, you also have said your "yes" to Carmel and to God. Let us allow this "yes" to be challenged and purified. Our "yes" awakens us to give more of ourselves to Carmel, to be faithful to our vocation to live a contemplative lifestyle, to leap over the many barriers and difficulties, and to recognize the Lord who came as our Saviour because we humbly accepted that we have committed mistakes and lapses.

Our "yes" to Carmel and to God asks us to examine more our hearts' desires. This demands a life of constant meditation, and that we observe silence and keep watch always. Our "yes" should be like the beating of our hearts. It is our faithfulness to God Who truly loved us first.

The presence of God among us enables us to renew our community in the spirit of God's loving and peaceful presence. Be attentive to your heart's desire, be attentive to God's presence.

Mary, our mother, intercede for us

Fr. Pete, O.Carm.

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