Thursday, April 19, 2007

Triennial Elections of Bulacan TOC Communities

The Triennial elections for the three TOC communities of Bulacan (Region of Saint Joseph) were conducted from February to March 2007: St. John the Baptist TOC Community (February 24), Immaculate Conception TOC Community (March 10), and Holy Family TOC Community (March 17). The Chapter elections was started by praying the Litany of the Carmelite Saints, readings on the Old and New Testament focusing on leadership, a short reading from the Rule of Saint Albert and it was interspersed with singing of the music of Taize. The election was concluded with a short reading from the Precautions of Saint John of the Cross.

The following is the result of the chapter elections:

Saint John the Baptist TOC Community (2007 – 2010)
Prioress: Sis. Fe P. Mesina, TOCarm
1st Councilor: Sis. Remedios Enriquez, TOCarm.
2nd Councilor: Sis. Pilar M. Castro, TOCarm.
3rd Councilor: Sis. Carmelita S. Samson, TOCarm.
Secretary: Sis. Carmelita S. Samson, TOCarm.
Treasurer: Sis. Carmelita G. Punzalan, TOCarm.
Formation Director: Sis. Pilar M. Castro, TOCarm.
Assistant Formator: Sis. Emelita Cunanan, TOCarm.

The newly elected local council of St. John the Baptist TOCC

(L-R: Baby Punzalan, Nene Samson, Dr. Fe Mesina, Remedios Enriquez, Pilar Castro)

Immaculate Conception TOC Community (2007 – 2010)
Prioress: Sis. Remedios Antonio, TOCarm
1st Councilor: Sis. Agatona Santos, TOCarm.
2nd Councilor: Sis. Rizalina Yoyongco, TOCarm.
3rd Councilor: Sis. Filomena Pedroche, TOCarm.
Secretary: Sis. Lualhati Ladia, TOCarm.
Treasurer: Sis. Lourdita Fernando, TOCarm.
Formation Director: Sis. Ma. Luisa Salazar, TOCarm.

Calumpit Elections

Holy Family TOC Community (2007 – 2010)
Prioress: Sis. Cecilia Atienza, TOCarm
1st Councilor: Sis. Flor A’ Jose, TOCarm.
2nd Councilor: Sis. Ligaya Mendoza, TOCarm.
3rd Councilor: Sis. Emelita Enriquez, TOCarm.
Secretary: Sis. Evangeline Alcaraz, TOCarm.
Treasurer: Sis. Lucila Punongbayan, TOCarm.
Formation Director: Sis. Laura Castro, TOCarm.

Thanksgiving masses in honor of Saint Joseph, the patron of the region, was held on March 19 in parishes where there are existing TOC communities for the chapter elections.

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