Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reception and Profession Rites - ICS Seminarians

On the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, March 19, twenty nine (29) seminarians of the Immaculate Conception Seminary were received and professed to the Order. The celebration was held during the community mass at the Monastery of the Holy Family, Guiguinto, Bulacan. The event was witnessed by the members of the Carmelite Family. The mass was concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Ronnie Tuazon, TOCarm. and Rev. Fr. Joselin San Jose, TOCarm., both of whom are members of the Third Order and Fr. Joselin was once the prior of the seminary community.

After the mass, a small breakfast was held at one of the rooms. The breakfast was prepared by the nuns and the seminarians.

The following made their temporary profession to the Order:
  1. Sem. Carlo Mendoza, TOCarm
  2. Sem. Jose Luis Perez, TOCarm
  3. Sem. Marcelino Ocariza, TOCarm
  4. Sem. Christopher Rivera, TOCarm
  5. Sem. Patrick Gumasing, TOCarm
  6. Sem. Mhel June Marco, TOCarm
  7. Sem. Christian Santos, TOCarm
  8. Sem. Howard John Tarrayo, TOCarm (Councilor)
  9. Sem. Gian Dayao, TOCarm
  10. Sem. Eric Badaguas, TOCarm
  11. Sem. Waldie dela Cruz, TOCarm
  12. Sem. Daniel Coronel, TOCarm
  13. Sem. Simon Peter Ramos, TOCarm (Prior)
  14. Sem. Francis Vigo, TOCarm

The following were accepted to the Novitiate:

  1. Sem. Albert Absalon, TOCarm
  2. Sem. Lawrence Balana, TOCarm
  3. Sem. Louis Balana, TOCarm
  4. Sem. Oliver Boton, TOCarm
  5. Sem. Jorge de Guzman, TOCarm
  6. Sem. Jan Kevin Mendoza, TOCarm
  7. Sem. Raphael Merculio, TOCarm
  8. Sem. Joseph Vincent Monta, TOCarm
  9. Sem. Jomar Paolo Ortega, TOCarm
  10. Sem. Darius Ponciano, TOCarm
  11. Sem. Rupert Roxas, TOCarm
  12. Sem. Alvin Evangelista, TOCarm
  13. Sem. Bernardino Katipunan, TOCarm
  14. Sem. Almar Roman, TOCarm
  15. Sem. Marlon Tobias, TOCarm

Please pray for these seminarians that they may persevere in their vocation to the priesthood and to the Order.

The seminarians preparing for the Mass

During the Holy Mass

Second Reading

The seminarians to be received to the Novitiate

Rev. Fr. Joselin San Jose presiding the rites

The Novices

Clothing of the Habit for the novices

Sem. Simon being clothed with the scapular for the professed member

Givining of the lighted candles to the newly professed as sign of Christ, the Light of the world, and to be a light to other.


The TOC seminarians together with Fr. Ronnie, Fr. Joselin and Bro. Ruel (National Council)

The new novices

The newly professed members

Image of Our lady of Mt. Carmel at the Monastery chapel

A small breakfast after the Mass

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