Sunday, August 01, 2010


+ Leticia Onglao, TOCarm (Christ the King TOC Community - Province of Saint Elijah)

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alonglao said...

Letty Onglao used to say "LIfe is but a dream". Before u know it, life is over. She believed in the power of the Scapular and showed this by joining the TOC. She lived the spirit of TOC by giving away all she had. It was her instructions that her dress must be the TOC garb when she passes away. She also instructed that the words "Jesus, Mercy; Mary, Help" be engraved in her tombstone. Thanks to the Carmelite Bishop, His Excellency Bishop Tirona, for celebrating the last Mass before her burial. She was laid to rest on August 7, 2010 which happened to be a first saturday.